We now have two separate scales for inbound and outbound loads.
The new scale (located on the north side) will be designated for ALL inbound loads.
The existing scale (located on the south side) will be for ALL weigh backs and ALL load outs.  The load out trucks will weigh both in and out on this scale.

Please unroll tarp before pulling onto the scale.

To line up your semi so that we can probe both hoppers it generally helps if you line up your center clearance lights of your trailer with the probe.  This may need to be adjusted with our new scale since our probe doesn’t have quite the clearance on the back side of the trailers.  Smaller trucks line up the center of your box with the probe.

Both scales have new intercom systems.  Please push the yellow button to page the scale room.  This only needs to be pushed once.  Speak clearly into the speaker.  Please tell us who it is for, splits, commodity, and whether it is sold, contracted or PL.  If you have paperwork that needs to be signed, please let us know at this time.  We will have you come up into the scale room when you weigh back to sign any paperwork.  Please do this on EVERY load as the staff in the testing area can change at anytime.

For those who have semis with a pup, we will give the green light for you to pull up to the pup and give you the red light when we need you to stop.  If you can no longer see the stop light, just watch for the probe to be out of your truck and then you may go and dump.

We also now have arrows that will indicate which driveway you will be dumping in.  Left arrow will mean the new South pit.  Up arrow will mean straight ahead in the white elevator.  And the right arrow will mean to the North terminal.  When the light turns green and the indicating arrow is lit, please pull off the scale and go dump.  Both scales have their own green and red lights, but the arrow indicator is shared between the two, so make sure the green light is on for the scale you are on pulling off.  ALWAYS WAIT FOR THE GREEN LIGHT BEFORE PULLING OFF OF THE SCALE.

When you weigh back, stay in your truck, wait for the green light, pull off the scale and out of the way of the scale and come back to the building to get your ticket.  Your ticket will be in the pneumatic tube at the NW corner of the building.  Once you get your ticket, please push the button to send the carrier back.
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